Summery of the Talk – Cannabis use in a nursing home setting

Zach Klein


Cannabis, as a whole plant material, is prescribed under strict regulation in Israel for a few indications and as a last line of treatment.
“Hadarim” is a state run 36 bed skilled nursing facility. Patients admitted have difficulties coping with the required activities of daily living. In 2010, The Israeli Ministry of Health issued a special license enabling the nursing home to use cannabis for treating patients. Hadarim nursing home was the first government approved cannabis nursing home, where health care professionals used the plant to treat several ailments.
I was there from the very beginning to work with the nurses on how to use cannabis as a treatment for patients hospitalized at the department. For a period of two years (2010-2012) I was working with the health care providers in order to obtain the treatment with cannabis.
As a masters candidate at Tel-Aviv University I later return to Hadarim to conduct a retrospective analytical study of twenty seven medical files of patients who received treatment with cannabis in Hadarim nursing home of Kibbutz Na’an, Israel, over a period of Three years (2010-2013).
Title: Decreasing the Consumption of Conventional Drugs Together With Significant Health Improvement through Medical Cannabis Treatment.
With academic advisors:
Prof. Dror avisar, Hydrochemistry Laboratory, TAU
And Dr. Yehuda Baruch Faculty of Medicine, TAU, and Director of the Abarbanel Mental Health Center.

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